How We Got Started


How We Got Started

My name is Blake and a few months ago I had a meeting with my business partner Aly. Aly and I figured out that there are a bunch of quilting fabric shops across the country either going out of business or holding inventory that they have had for years. We also started to find out there are a lot of quilting shops that do not have any online presence, but would like an online presence. 

Aly and I were able to quickly sign our first client and start with about 3000 bolts of fabric. We scrambled and launched our Creative Closeouts website to start selling our newfound fabric inventory. The fabric we got our hands on was not inventoried in any system. The first large challenge was listing the fabric online one bolt at a time. Being that it was so time consuming, we decided selling the fabric for $8 a yard and only selling by the yard, was the most efficient way for us to get this new business concept going. 

With Aly's knowledge of the quilting industry and Blake's knowledge of tech and marketing online, the sales started growing quickly. Here we are a couple of months after launching our site and demand has been much higher than we anticipated. We've been hiring people to help fulfill the orders and we are constantly improving our fulfillment process. 

We are now looking for a new storage shop so we can continue to grow our inventory. We are also offering existing fabric shops to sell their fabrics on our website. Our mission is to become the best discount closeout quilting fabric shop online. We have a long way to go and a lot of work ahead. But we are very excited with all the feedback we have received so far.

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Thanks so much to everyone who has placed orders and continues to help us spread the word. 

By Blake Serrano